Rathlin Island: A Landscape Repository. How do we archive the landscape?

Zoë Victoria Gibson

Ulster University, Belfast School of Architecture
Tags Archive, Craft, Landscape
Year 2022


How do you archive a landscape? The story of Rathlin Island told through three characters: The Maker, The Cartographer and The Performer; evolves into three sensitive architectural programmes focused on the islands’ ecology. Telling their story through an intimate series of drawings, this project explores the hidden repositories of Irish Islands. Rathlin Island is made up of a wealth of fragments woven into its landscape and history. Three characters, celebrating island craft, cartography and performance, form three sensitive architectural programmes, scattered amongst the landscape like upturned timber boats, wrecked from the sea. The buildings act as an Island Archive, looking both to the past and the future, opening up new interpretations and possibilities that discuss the need to document landscapes through memory, making and cartography whilst highlighting the fragility of nature. The thesis enriches the journey to the South of Rathlin, encouraging reflection and appreciation for our delicate ecologies and island landscapes.


7RF6+72 Ballycastle, UK