Sheltering the City

Noah Brabazon

University College Dublin (UCD)
Tags Market, Mass Timber, Public Spaces
Year 2022


This thesis comes from a place of concern for an alarming trend taking place in Dublin today, with little value being placed upon the city’s public spaces. As an antithesis to this current treatment, this work asks how can we provide a covered space, available for all to use, in Dublin City Centre?

Covered public spaces are something rarely afforded in Ireland, despite our climate and their success in other European countries.  The sheltered arcades of the Broletti in Italian cities, for example, show goodwill toward citizens by providing them shelter and entrusting them a space that can suit their needs.  

This thesis has chosen a timber roof as a means by which to meet this condition; a structure that has historically been used in civic spaces such as market halls, and which today is seeing an increase in popularity due to its potential to be a sustainable method of building.  This work asks how can we utilise this means of construction to provide a covered civic space for the city. 


Werburgh Street, stop 2310, Dublin 8, Co. Dublin, Ireland